Rhinoplasty Course | Las Vegas – April 2016


1000 American surgeons attended to the Rhinoplasty Conference by Prof. Dr. Nazım Çerkeş in ASAPS meeting.
According to the statistical research of International Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Society over 20 million people has got aesthetic surgeries only in 2014. One fifth of these people, over 4 million are living in the United States. Both the interest of the society to aesthetic surgery and more scientific studies makes the United States the leading country about aesthetic plastic surgery as in many other areas.

The annual big meeting organised by American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has been performed between 2-7 April in Las Vegas. Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes has been one of the four surgeons who are invited to the organisation from countries  out of United States.
asaps-nisan2016-burun-estetigiThis year 30-minute main conference (Keynote Lecture) for Rhinoplasty  will be presented by Prof. Dr. Nazım Çerkeş again. Keynote Lectures in ASAPS meetings are always performed by the most experienced surgeons. Dr. Çerkeş has been lecturing the last five year’s Keynote Lectures and has lectured this year’s conference as well. This year over 1000 American surgeons had followed Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes.

During 5-day long congress Prof Dr. Nazim Cerkes had lectured in 2 conferences about his own developed techniques for “Elevation and Strengthening of Weak Nose Tip Cartilages” and “Techniques for Forming a Smooth Dorsum”.

asaps-nisan2016-1Finally, Prof Dr. Nazım Cerkes has performed a two hour paid rhinoplasty course. Prof Dr. Nazim Cerkes has been lecturing courses about Rhinoplasty, known as the most precise and detailed surgery of aesthetic surgery, to the plastic surgeons both in Turkey and in the whole world and he is among the best-experienced surgeons in Rhinoplasty. Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes’s educational DVD containing information about his owned developed techniques is accepted as a reference in both United States and Europe.

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