Master of Nose Surgery: Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes
Nose Aesthetics and Revision Surgeries in Istanbul
by President of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe &
Vice President of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

nose surgery nose revision surgery istanbu turkey

We offer special procedures for patients living out of Istanbul but wish to have a rhinoplasty operation by Prof. Dr. Nazım Cerkes. / Rhinoplasty Istanbul


Please Send Us Your Photos

  • Take direct and profile high definition photos of your face.
  • Send us your photos by


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions / Rhinoplasty Istanbul

  • Please send your photos taken from front, side and basal (showing nostrils) views.
  • Dr. Cerkes will evaluate your photos and will do a surgical plan.
  • We will give detailed information about your surgical course.
  • A simulation showing a possible result will be performed and sent to you.
  • We will give you general information about rhinoplasty and estimated costs.
  • If you would like we will send you before after Rhinoplasty Photos of some patients operated by Dr. Cerkes
  • It is also possible online consultation with  Dr. Cerkes over Skype.Prof Dr Nazim Çerkeş Skype Görüşme

If you decide to have surgery / Rhinoplasty Istanbul

  • We will book your surgery in a hospital where Dr. Cerkes performs his surgeries. (Acibadem Fulya Hospital / Jinemed Hospital)
  • We will arrange your consultation one day before the surgery in our clinic.
  • 6 or 7 days after surgery the cast on your nose will removed you will be able to travel back home.
  • For example Monday (Consultation) – Tuesday (Surgery) – 6 days Recovery – Following Monday (Follow up and cast removal)
  • Total stay in Istanbul is 7-8 days.

Booking the surgery date / Rhinoplasty Istanbul

  • In order to book your surgery you have to wire transfer a deposite (%20 of surgical cost).

Surgical Course After the Surgery 

  • There will be minimal swelling or bruising on your face and around your nose just after the surgery. Usualy there is no pain or minimal pain which is controllable with the pain killers. 
  • You can go back to hotel 4-5 hours after the surgery or if you wish you can stay over night in the hospital.
  • Swelling and bruising starts after 6-8 hours and will be maximum in 48 hours. To reduce bruising ice application is advised. 
  • Usualy bruising totaly disappear on the 5th day.
  • The cast will be removed on the 6th or 7th  day. Papertapes will be placed on your nose. The tapes can be removed by yourself after 3 days.
  • Stitches are resorbable and will disappear by themselves.
  • There will be no package inside of your nose and you will be able to breath trough your nose. However due to swelling your airway your nose can be blocked. 
  • You may leave Istanbul 6 days after the surgery.
  • There is no problem with flying long distances. 
  • Although we would like you come follow ups, it is not mandatory to come to Istanbul. You can send your pictures to show result.
  • We would like you visit our clinic for follow up whenever you travel to Istanbul in the future.

Reminder: For detailed pre examination and best simulation the photos should be;

  • Full face photos of front, side and base (showing nostrils) views (it should be taken from at least 1 meter distance).
  • High resolution photos.
  • Your face should have equal light from both sides. The photos
  • Low resolution or unequal ligthed photos are not qualified for evaluation and simulation.



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